Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is important messages for girl.

 I just got this forwarded message from my email. I do not sure the purpose of splashing ( read more in this article) but i just want to warn every girl out there watch out and careful with this guys -a black full faced helmet with black jacket and on a Honda motorbike.

Before get this email, i already knew this new from UTUSAN. So watch out girl. May Allah help us and police to caught this culprit!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t  

 Dear Colleagues especially LADIES,
 Last Friday night, 6th May 2011 I was at the KLH Hospital Emergency Unit – I taken back by this crowd of family waiting for a family member in the emergency unit.  I asked one of the family members, why are they at the emergency and they said that their sister was just splashed with acid or some kind of alkaline near Puduraya at 8.00pm. (This route is quite near to our area).  Anyway,  this victim was splashed directly to her face and some of the liquid went in her throat thus making her throat swollen and has difficulty in breathing.  One of her eyes were also splashed.  Her friends were a bit lucky with some burns on their hands. At that time I was in the emergency unit, they have put a tube in her throat and if she has digested the liquid her stomach the damage done were unknown.  Half an hour later, I heard another victim were splashed with acid at The Mall on the same night.  The brother of this victim informed police to try and trace this guy from the CCTV from Puduraya to The Mall.  Well, let’s hope that the police can apprehend this culprit soon.
 These victims were attacked by a man on his motorbike, this person is wearing a black full faced helmet with black jacket and on a Honda motorbike.  He has a bottle in his hand.  He just splash the liquid and hold the bottle.  Once they managed to get the registration number of his motorbike but it was a fake one.  He prowls at victims in a crowded area.  It seems, he likes to splash on women with “tudung”.
 Be very careful, do NOT walk too near to the roadside where he can easily splash on you.  Carry a bottle of water so that you can wash this liquid away if he splashes on you.  Avoid crowded areas.   Do NOT try to be helpful if a person on a motorbike try to ask for help, let a man help them.
 Hope this message is helpful to all.  Please convey this message to your friends and family members.
Thank you for reading.

Kalo suka, boleh Like!

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