Monday, August 22, 2011

No body ever drowned in her own sweat.

Prices are high made me decided to make kueh raye by my own.
With the capital of RM60, I can buy lots of stuffs in making varieties of kueh raya
rather than buy those things in a ready made version.

Making it has taught me about patient.

Tried many times has lead you to yield the increasingly result.
dari mengembang besar ke bentuk yang normal :P

Had made you realized that stuck in the same world for 3, 4 hours
won't give you any chit but give you a better person.
 It's just like life.
Don't regret be a doctor, teacher, penjual nasi lemak or mother even though;
You would be more sensitive and better with yours surrounding.
Just give the best shot and patience and you will be paid :)

You made me smile; kueh makmur!

I will definitely making kueh raya again tonight with my beloving sistas <3

A little bit money, more efforts, times, realized something, have fun with family.- worth!

Pss- Kueh makmur is one of my favourite sebab akan rasa aman makmur aman damai je bile makan. Haha. xlawak!;)

Thank you for reading.

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  1. practise makes perfect! cuba n cuba lagi ... :)

  2. memang Acik :) never give up!