Monday, September 12, 2011

Felda Residence Hot Spring Sg. Klah, Perak.

This is recommended place for family holiday!

We stay in the villa and it's a so nice accommodation for family.

The price is RM500 per night (staff's price) and for outsider is maybe RM700.

Kitchen complete with refrigerator, gas, a few plates and glasses.

Took picture from it's website.

Nice Living Room.

For my packages/ villa, it only provides 3seats sofas and television.

See the right accessories from your view near to cabinet and television,
we use it as penyapu sebab penyapu takde sini :P mmg lawak habis!
So, dont forget to bring your penyapu here :))

Big Master Room.

Besides a big chair there, it also provide another chair and can be used for sleeping bed also as below.

The chair and the buah hati pujaan dinda. Muahhh!

In the cupboard here, 2 set tilam also had been provided. So, dont worry to bring a big family stay in  together :)

Master bath room.

Took picture from it's website and it seem like smaller here compared to real.
and the bath room is soo big until I felt like not so comfortable to take bath here. I mean bath room not this pool tau :)

Another Room.

It just contains two single bed like this.

Owh, not this ;)

Yup. Like this bed. ;)


Our favourite private pool!

Then, for Hot Spring Felda Residence. It's nice and still nature remain :)

 Hot Pool (curik gamba dari website)

 Boiling eggs area :) Whole this area smelly like egg also. huhu.

Reflexology hot spring area. But I did not found this area :(

Our favourite. haha. Cold Pool lah.
We always stopping by there!

I also do not miss playing slide and believe me, it's really slippery!!
I screamed like child and it's enough to test both slides once :P
Really scarry!

and enjoy those picturess :D

Let's go holiday!

For more details, HERE.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. waahhhh ini promote namanya...
    so felda residence u must pay commision to my wife...hehehe
    Mcm menarik master bathroom dia kn SYG...*_*

  2. yup.. good promotion only for best place. :)