Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Alien Tasks- Tamama

Sweet task from Tamama :)
( I put it as pink :P )

Perfect time to write bout this.
I am a wife who undergo long-distance-marriage.
I was missing my husband right now, so my writing will be dancing quickly <3

This is for you too, En. Amore.

We know each other through a friend that introduced me to my husband.
The first word came from my husband is "Assalammualaikum" via the sms 
and was not got any respond from me at first :P
Jual mahal.

Wonder who he is. I replied back after 2 days.
Gatai. :P

Then, we became close after we were knowing 
that we were classmate during our primary school
and he was one of my interests.
Our friend also shocked.
After 9 years, we were met again :)

So, dont worry. Ada jodoh tak kemana.
Kejar macam mana pon, kalo bukan jodoh, bukan jugak :)

So, what's in him that made I fell in love?

Yup. First impression is important. 
From it, I would want to know him better.

1. I like tall and dark guy.


2. I love family man. He is second elder in his siblings. and he is the only one son.
The responsibility attitude is so reflected :)

3. Stay living prayer and can be a imam. 
During my primary school, he was a songkok boy and represented a tilawah quran for school but lost :)
That's a reason I was aiming at him.
Did I gatai? Sure you guys have a secret admirer during school days right?

4. Mature
I feel so Syukur from the way of he's thinking and seeing the world.

5. I hate the smell of cigarette
Grateful he is not smoking although was before. Before I know him, he's already changed.
Grateful he changed is not because of me and because of stupidity of smoking itself.
He still look macho and sexy from the first I saw him until now.
So, I dont know why are you guys are proud be a smoker. =_=

and so, 
that's my En. Amore.

Ini baru task ke 2. First task sini.
Mahu join task ini. Boleh lawat sini :)

Thank you for reading.

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  1. i'm melting by reading this..
    so sweet and i really hope i will get good husband oso
    ya ALLAH.please listen and make my doa comes true

    ur husband is such a lucky guy 2 have u as his wife :)

  2. Majid sayang, Ameen :)

    and thank you. doakan kami ye majid. :)

  3. tomatokering: alahai. chomel name. Thanks adik tomato :D

  4. sweetnya... nak2 dapat khawin dengan org yang kita minat. semoga berbahagia ye.

    nway, due to ur comment in my entry,
    good choice! tapi samsung putih tu besa la nisa... 7 inch kot. patah bahu nih kalau letak dalam handbag.

  5. Aminn...

    eh, leh smbg komen kat sini. haha.

  6. woahaaa sweetnya chak o. he's lucky to have u s a secret admirer back then.. waaahaa sukanya baca ala-ala fairytales ni... happily everafter gtu.

    suka baca chak o kata ni,
    "So, dont worry. Ada jodoh tak kemana.
    Kejar macam mana pon, kalo bukan jodoh, bukan jugak :)"
    sgt setuju!

    nak doa mcm majid jugakkk... aminnn.

  7. hehehehe memang meleleh la saya baca entire ni...ummmaaahhhhh kuat2 kt Amore Nisa... ni yang buat abg love lagi strong...

  8. ijat, yee amin... hahaha. InsyaAllah :)