Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to be a good neighbour in blogging.

Having a blog such alike having a home. We design it by put curtain and flowers. We also have a key and fence to avoid some unauthorized people from coming. We also have a home address too!

People will knowing what's going on your home by spying over your garden fences. Sometimes they introduce themselves sometimes by secretly.

Now, see your front, right, left and behind your home to see your neighbourhood. Or you may realize that you live alone ;)

I live at Amore's Friend resident. We always say hai to each other :) My home is in the end of the corner, so I have a big garden with full bunched of pink flowers and have a white pretty rabbit named Lulu :D I have a very sweet blue green maroon curtain too if you are not recognize me :P That's a reason, I really close to because she's only next to my door. Always hang out, sharing anything and gosipping together. Would you like be my neighbour too? I am willing to moving out. :D

Near to our resident, there are a famous housing area named as "Tertarik Amore". My neighbours and I always stop by there to update certain stories. Not only us attracted to stop by and no wonder their resident always being fulled with people. Orang famous kan?

Therefore, be a good neighbour is important as well as reality home.

The tips are:
  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Consider your neighbours lifestyle
  3. Be aware a shared walls. Control your music volume and type.
  4. Alert your neighbour to parties
  5. Keep your garden tidy.
  6. Communicate with your neighbours
  7. If you hear any news (crimes, events), stop by and give something.
  8. When someone moving next to you, welcome them.
  9. Smile
  10. Be nice. (just to be 10)

Hai jiran tetangga! Thank you for stopping by. :')

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Kaizen, welcome! same-same jadi jiran baik! heee.

  2. hye nama sya etong, saya jiran yg baik! hahha

  3. hai etong! ye. terbukti. hahaha :P

  4. hahahaha..cha sangat comellll
    tenkiu chaaa